About Sociology at Work

Photo: Zuleyka Zevallos

Sociology is the study of societies in relation to history, culture and place, including the interaction between individuals and groups, as well as the norms, laws and social institutions that constitute a society. Sociology is centrally concerned with social change. Applied sociology describes the use of sociological theories and methods beyond academia, for specific client groups and audiences. Applied sociology is used in the active transformation of social life, by addressing ‘real world’ research questions, and by helping different public audiences to consider and adopt a sociological imagination.

The Sociology at Work website supports the application of sociological knowledge beyond university settings. We mean this literally – how do people use sociology in their jobs? To put it another way: how we ‘do’ sociology in the workplace? At the same time, we are also interested in the ways in which sociology might be used to work towards the positive transformation of society.


  • Enhance awareness of applied sociology and to advance understanding and esteem of our discipline to wider audiences across the world;
  • Support the careers of sociology graduates at various levels (undergraduate and postgraduate), and to ensure that students better appreciate the various work opportunities available to them;
  • Foster links to industry, non-government organisations, government agencies, and other professional groups in support of sociology as a vocation.

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Commenting Policy

The four general principles for commenting on Sociology at Work are: discuss sociology; be polite; stay on topic; and be aware of your bias. Sociology at Work has a zero tolerance for abuse. Read more on our Commenting Policy.

Behind the Scenes

The site is run by Dr Zuleyka Zevallos on a volunteer basis. S@W is a not-for-profit project with resources that are free to use by anyone. S@W was designed to evolve and grow as we reach all parts of the world.

Contact Zuleyka if you’d like to share your story as a student or practitioner of sociology.

Commitment to equity and diversity

Sociology at Work is guided by the theory of intersectionality, recognising how gender discrimination in the workplace is impacted by racism and other interconnected forms of inequality related to sexuality, class, disability, age, geography, and more. In sociology, as with every other professional fields and spheres of social life, racial minorities are severely disadvantaged in their work and personal lives. This is compounded where they have other intersecting identities that are marginalised through racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism (discrimination of people with disabilities), classism and other structural inequities.

Sociology at Work follows equity and diversity principles that elevate the practices and knowledge of minority women and femmes wherever they live and work. Specifically, this website aims to create a safe environment for them to learn and exchange ideas that will uplift their professional careers beyond academia.


This website began as a collaborative project between volunteers from The Applied Sociology Thematic Group (The Australian Sociological Association) and the Sociologists Outside Academia Group (The British Sociological Association).

This website was initially made possible by a grant by The Australian Sociological Association.*


*The information provided on this site does not imply any official endorsement by The Australian Sociological Association or the opinions, ideas or information contained therein, nor guarantee the validity, completeness or utility of the information provided. Reference herein to any products, services, processes, hypertext links to third parties or other information does not necessarily constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation.